Public Works

DPW-Water and Sewer

IF you have ANY water or sewer emergencies during regular hours OR after hours please call 906-485-5415


Craig Marietti, Foreman

Jason Marietti, Maintenance

Mitch Cain, Laborer

As part of the MDEQ’s proactive statewide sampling initiative, the results of Ishpeming Townships West and East water system samplings, are posted online on the MPART website.  The results can be found online by going to the MPART website address listed below, and by clicking on “Michigan PFAS Sites”, and scrolling down and selecting “Public Water Supply Information”.  Please note that we have TWO water systems, so you will see listed the West System and the East System.


*Notify the DPW if you hear or see a water leak, back-up, or overflow.

*Homeowners should have check valves in their sewer lines to prevent sewer back-ups in their homes.

*If you experience a back-up, file a claim with your insurance company & with the township within 45 days.